Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fed Up with Mr Letterman

It is true I have never really enjoyed the humor of David Letterman, I found it well vulgar and stupid but that was my opinion and I understood many others disagreed.
My way of showing my dislike was to not watch his show, simple, concise and effective. I didn't have to listen to his dribble and he was allowed to continue on with it. This time his antics and improper behavior have taken him into the news. Mr Letterman needs to understand who is free game and who is not... and if he is going to make a topical joke he needs to get his facts straight.

Last week, he made an inappropriate slur against the daughter of Sarah Palin. Stating that she would be getting knocked up by ARod during the 7th inning stretch. Turns out the daughter in town w/Gov Palin was her 14 year old.. OOPS.. Then got offended when Gov. Palin said if that was the way he felt then maybe she should keep her daughter away from him.. Good old Dave said oh he thought it was the 18 year old not the 14 year old...

Hmmm so it is ok for a 62 year old man to accuse an 18 year old girl of spreading her legs for anyone (a girl who as far as we know has had sexual relationships with one person...the boy she thought she loved) A girl who has stepped up and taken responsibility for her actions and gone out to speak on the difficulties of teenage parenthood.. but even that point is moot.. she is an 18 year old girl.. Mr Letterman is a 62 year old man.. am I the only one who thinks his preoccupation with her sex life is just ewwwwwwww

And really, she has done nothing but be born into a family that Mr Letterman has decided is evil.. I mean doesnt he have a child conceived out of wedlock? Should that not mean that his ladyfriend is also a tramp? whore? slut? whatever term you use? one has to consider this.. Mr Letterman needs to understand boundaries, proper behavior and lines that should not be crossed. A politicians children are not fair game.. they are children.. of course it seems only the children of the Republican party are attacked and brought out a fodder..One has to wonder at the integrety of those who allow such behavior.. President Obama himself has said.. leave the children out of it. Mr Letterman I suggest you listen or accept the fact that you really are a pig and need to get off the air.

Ok rant over..

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  1. I agree, nothing seems to matter these days. All in the name of being funny. It doesn't matter that it is vulgar and disrespectful.