Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Are We Asking too Much?

So another politician gone AWOL.. yes once again lost in the arms of the other woman. I have to wonder do we expect too much of our elected officials? I know this sounds silly because I loathe people who cheat.. but being a lousy spouse does not necessarily make you a bad politician.

When I think of the list of great leaders (crappy husbands) I have to seriously rethink our insistence on their family values... Even thinking along these lines bother me because I am so not attracted to unfaithful people. I get rather disgusted with them and their behavior, I mean they made a commitment.. but the fact remains they did not make that commitment to me. To me they said they would do their best, they would take on the responsibility of writing and approving our laws. That they would try and make my life a bit easier.. now of course they fail there too as most politicians are in it because of lust for power and greed...

I think we as Americans expect so much and yet we have an entire generation face it we have several starting with my own, that were raised to put themselves and their wants, needs, desires first. We expect others to behave well and yet don't expect the same of ourselves. This is the fabric that is creating our political leaders. If we have raised them to think that the only thing that matters is themselves how then can we demand that they put others first?

If we raised them to not have morals (and face it our society seriously lacks them) how can we then demand that they have them? We say we want our elected officials to believe in God then we demand that we remove the words God from any of our public buildings and traditions. We say we want a man/woman to put their family first then put them in a job where face it the family is not first and one will see little of their children and spouses..

Sorry all I really did have a point to this blog I guess I just needed to say what was on my mind. We can not expect our leaders to lead in any manner except the way that they were raised. That is a sad fact of life.


  1. I love how he went missing on Father's Day of all days! And then tries to tell everyone he was on the Appalachian trail "decompressing". What a charmer.

  2. I guess cheating is the new decompressing?