Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Prayer for A Friend

Life is ever circling around us, a door slams shut another cracks open.. Friends you loved you walk away from and ones you thought were gone return. Petty arguments separate and self righteous judgments keep you apart.

I have done my share of ending relationships both good and bad.. the endings and the relationships. I have had them ended because of my attitude or self righteousness as much as I have been the ender.. life pretty much balances itself out.

Recently, I have been embraced by a dear and wonderful friend, when she was wounded by her own actions I judged and yet when I was wounded by mine, she stood true.. hmmm one of us is a darned good person. Anyway, this morning I received an early call, her son was in a serious car accident. 14 hours later she is still not sure of what will happen long term. By the grace of God he is alive.. No neck or spinal injuries and they think no brain issues.. We can fall to our knees and thank God for this but I know with my mother's heart she is quivering in hers.

I ask that each of you spend a few moments of your time offering up prayers to your maker.. asking for peace and guidance and the strength to accept His will... She needs all of this. and while down on your knees maybe you could say a small thank you for those that are in your life, safe and happy and running amuck..

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