Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I know I have Been Sporadic at Best

Have you ever stepped away from something you really enjoyed, then had a hard time going back to it? I have been blogging pretty regularly for over a year now, here on this page since October and in another format since January 08. I honestly enjoy it, I enjoy the people I meet, I enjoy expressing myself and I enjoy the feedback I get when I do so..

But lately, I have just been blah about it. Sad to say all of my blogs have been woefully neglected. Maybe it is the summer blues, maybe it is life, maybe it is just time to rest for a bit. I have no clue.

When I do sit down to blog it is like I have nothing to say. Now if you knew me at all you would realize the total impossibility of that ever happening. So for the foreseeable future I am going to just sit and ramble. No purpose, no issue, no subject maybe my head will clear and I can blog again.

It isn't as though my life isn't full of fun and fascinating facts..

Oh yeah.. I seriously hate Raquel Welch.. it is so not fair that she is that gorgeous at her age and I wasn't even close to that at 20..

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