Friday, May 8, 2009

Swimming Uphill

It seems that no matter how sunny it appears how much better life is getting something happens that slams me back to ground zero...

The ever so lovely State of Illinois is now 4 count em 4 weeks the one check was my fault as I didn't get an address change in time.. I accept it I acknowledge it I own it but COME ON!!! The check was mailed on 04/24 and it has not re appeared yet.. Nope still floating around in limbo.. I can't have a check re printed until 30 days... if the check shows up then they will resend it to the correct address but otherwise I have to wait.

Now the consolation prize... they have this one FANTASTIC customer service gentleman who I spoke with once on Tuesday and again today.. He REMEMBERED our conversation and went out of his way to find out all that he could.. WOW!!! and stupid me I forgot to get his name.. The man should get an award.. not only did he do his job well he was nice about it...

Anyway.. here I sit banging my head against the wall.. makes me think I am should be a junebug... sorry reference to an old camp song..

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