Monday, May 11, 2009

Lessons Learned

I have been wading through a quagmire of emotions lately. In general I am a positive person to such an extreme that I have been accused of living in fantasyland.. I don't I never have I just choose to not let the bad things win. Over the past year or so the bad things have been winning.. I have lost some dear friends because I sank so deep into the abyss.. I am clawing myself out moment by moment.. I am actually quite proud of my accomplishments.

Today I was reading some blogs and I found this one Women's Self Esteem
and it really just called to me. I found it to be articulate and well thought out as well as being dead on.. It reminded me that life is a series of choices and we could choose to be happy.. to be positive and to find joy or we could choose to let it all slip away and be miserable.

I find I personally prefer to be happy.. I find I no longer want to dwell in the world of woe is me... I am going to make it about others once again..

thanks Dorothy.. that was brilliant

1 comment:

  1. Right on Dorothy. Welcome back to the lighter side ...

    The dark places are good because we need contrast.

    Hugs to you on your journey.