Friday, May 15, 2009

Hanging on to the Money

Oh the state of Illinois is throwing a bash to be sure.. How do they plan on funding this troubled state? Oh I know.. they find ways to with hold the money passed to them that is supposed to go to custodial parents.. yes that is correct child support strikes again!!

As I have previously admitted.. I failed to change my address in time and they sent out one check to the wrong address. I have been calling weekly to see if they had received it back yet.. Seems like they did on the 14th.. Now I am hearing that even though they have it.. I won't see it for up to 60 days.. cuz they have so many. Hello?? I corrected my address.. I contacted them, they have the check... send me a damned new one!!

Oh and they are undercharging the ex about $30 a week.. no biggee.. well I could use the money but if he doesnt send that money in he gets charged interest.. and honestly it accumulates and will become an issue.. anyway right now he is at $19 interest..

Sighs.. He is unemployed and trying to do the right thing.. the govt is not taking the entire amt from his check and he is gonna get screwed for not paying..

I really really hate that the govt is involved in my child support... I mean he would just pay me weekly.. oh he would moan and complain but he would pay me.. without all the crap...

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  1. Hi Shauni,
    I can understand about being aggravated by the state holding your money. I had a similar problem with a different state. I did send in a change of address and even got a confirmation letter that they received it. However, it takes another department 4 to 6 weeks to catch up on the address changes that issues the checks.
    When I first had the child support setup, I had my ex pay voluntarily into the system and they sent me a check. Then he stopped paying cause he lost his job, he said. I finally figured out, he was changing jobs so it delayed him paying his child support. He was being cruel to me, but didn't realize the affects on our daughter he was causing. He eventually got behind over $10,000. I applied for assistance from the state and was approved. Took months before finally receiving a check from the state. My daughter and I were about to lost our old mobile home we were leaving in because they state took so long. Then the governor decided to cut the assistance program I received because I worked. I was still below poverty level. I had to take a second job and pay more daycare and see my daughter less, because between my ex and the state we would have been homeless.

    When I see the ads on TV for taking care of children in foreign countries, I feel for those mothers. I think even harder about the mothers in the USA that can't even get assistance for them and their children and live in shelters. My prayers are with you. May you NEVER have to live with your child in a shelter! God Bless. Take care of yourself and your child first.