Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Politics ....

I am very angry with the politicians and judges in California. Rarely am I truly ashamed of my state. I am usually proud to be from California and rather angry when I hear California bashing here in the Midwest but this time...

Ok proposition 8 stupid in and of itself.. Gays should be allowed the same legal and civil rights as non gays.. but it was voted by the majority to ban gay marriages... I disagree but that was the vote. Then the courts get involved and say yes we have to uphold the vote.. I don't like it but the way our system is built we have to agree with it.. But politicians being politicians (and yes our court system is now filled with politicians posing as judges) they say the marriages that were performed were legal and stand as marriages.

So if you were fortunate enough, excited enough or maybe just plain cynical enough to get married as soon as the law passed you are still married but if you waited, planned a wedding (as we all know it takes forever to get the wedding just perfect) you are pretty much out of luck.

This my friends is what I consider a loop hole.. either the law is legal or it isn't.. of course I am one of those who still believes that double jeopardy is illegal.. but that is a subject for another blog..

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  1. I agree, it is so ridiculous. I thought this was a free Country. To disallow gays to be married is judgmental and just wrong. I have to also inject that our Governor needs to go, period. He is a joke. Thanks for allowing me to vent.