Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Kicking the Cat

When I was in High School my principal was a huge fan of Zig Zigler.. as a matter of fact he actually taught a class based on his work.. I was fortunate enough to be able to take this class and many of the concepts have stayed with me my entire life..

One of them was the kick the cat theory... A boss is having a bad day so he yells at an employee who gets frustrated and goes home and takes it out on his wife... who turns around and lashes out at a child.. the child having no one to take his frustrations out on kicks the cat..

It is an interesting concept about being aware of the fact that your actions have consequences.. for ever action there is an equal reaction... the thing that I never got though is what about the cat??

I have spent most of my life trying not to offend people, trying to be everything to everyone.. consequently I tend to get walked all over.. in a way I am the cat.. Oh there are those who honestly love me... care for me.. would kill anyone that hurts me.. and yet they see nothing wrong with kicking the cat.. and when I fight back.. lash out or let it overwhelm me.. I am being unreasonable..unforgiving, harsh...

I guess in the end you have to choose in the beginning to not just not kick the cat but to not be the cat..


  1. The cat, plays with the mouse for hours...before eating it.

    Haven't you ever had a cat who caught a mouse? They tease and taunt it, making the mouse think it's all fun and games, then the cat bites it's head off.


  2. Nice post. I'm guilty.
    After a long tiring day it is just too easy to take it out who does not expect it at all. Or who is just that little drop too much.
    Luckily my family is blessed with two cats and they can take turns!

    Perhaps you need to get a cat too...