Saturday, February 25, 2012

Another Class Act

Taylor Swift was a recent participant of a Facebook petition to attend the prom with a cancer ridden student. 18-year-old Kevin McGuire has been battling Leukemia for most of his life. It had gone into remission but sadly it has returned. A gifted athlete and a well like young man, he has been brooding about who would want to attend prom with him now that he is bald and his body is weak. His sister, Victoria said that she would get him Taylor Swift and a facebook petition was launched.

Taylor was informed of the petition only to decline his offer *grins* don't worry she was not a heartless cow bent on her own ideals and goals.. instead she asked him if he would be her escort at this Spring's ACM Awards. Needless to say once he recovered from the shock he accepted. Let's hope he is healthy enough to go!

Way to go Taylor!!


  1. That's nice of her, but don't you think it would have been better if she actually did what he requested? I think it would have been more about HIM rather than her parading him for the entire world to see "her kindness". Just go to the prom and let him shine in HIS world for a bit, Taylor.

    1. Excellent point Lin. I was thinking maybe she had other commitments for that day.. I guess I created an entire scenario where this made sense LOL.. still I wonder if Toby Keith is free for the awards? I'm sure his wife won't mind if he takes a single mom as his date.. *Grins*

  2. Of course a part of publicity :)