Friday, March 2, 2012

Blogging Frustrations

Blogging is fun!! Cathartic, a great way to meet new people, share your thoughts.. some people even manage to make a few dollars from it. But what happens when the frustrations hit?

You know you don't have a thing to write about.. That very concept just makes me laugh, I always have something to say.. and yet there are days when I can not think of a single thing to write about..

Or.. when you write something and it's about you.. your feelings your thoughts your expressions and you get comments that people are irked that you are writing about them..

Or.. entrecard decides your blogs don't qualify for some reason and delete them.. Not this on.. but my Tea and Book blog has been deleted from my entrecard account. No reason, just gone and all my lovely credits on that account.. GONE.. poof.. It was just so very frustrating..

My Poetry blog.. no longer an active account.. no reason..

I know entrecard has it's good points and bad points.. it has some rather irksome issues but I have met some very lovely people and I enjoy checking out their blogs.. I will keep dropping..

1 comment:

  1. Ditch entrecard. It's a scam. I had an inactive account for nearly a year and it was still registering "drops" even though I had no widget on my blog. It just happened to be the same blogs over and over again. Tell me it isn't rigged.

    You are better off spending your time visiting other blogs and meeting new bloggers. My blogroll and following INCREASED after leaving entrecard. You don't need it!!