Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Thought on Quality Time

Remember when society finally acknowledged that women actually worked outside the home? When women who did work outside the home wanted it all? When we were promised we could have it all? 
Well there was a very popular saying that they spent quality time with their families.

I was raised in that society, women not only COULD have it all they HAD to. I remember stating that I wanted to stay home and be a wife and mother. I was told no one had the right to free load off of someone else like that. Ok, won't even go into the anger that statement made me feel. I tried to explain that if women could do anything, then women should be able to choose to stay home. It took years but finally in the late 90's it became acceptable again. 
I had this conversation mid-90's oddly enough with the same person who called me a freeloader and she pointed out that I spent a LOT of time with my children.. I commented yes but that is Quantity time and her response was.. well somewhere in all that quantity there is some quality.. so keep on doing it your way. You are making it work.

I do not regret staying home and raising my children, oddly enough I regret having to go back to work after my divorce.. I missed years of being home when they came through the door.. but I am pleased to say they all turned out pretty darn good!!

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