Thursday, March 15, 2012

Raw PopTarts

Do you have something that makes you smile everytime you do it? Something that brings back childhood memories? For me it's eating Poptarts.. Do I eat them on a regular basis? Nope but when I do, I can't help it I smile.

Back when I was in Jr High (and yes we called it Jr High) I was in this awesome Girl Scout troop, our leader was a man Mr See.. sadly his daughter moved on after I was in the troop just one year. This was pretty much the only troop in that area at the time and we had 52 girls. 

The next year we got two really great leaders.. sadly they wanted to take the troop in different directions so they split. 
One was going to be physical, athletic, Outdoor oriented, the other was more into well girl stuff. I was an extremely athletic person but one thing I have always been was loyal and I felt I needed to remain in the troop we had. I liked my leader (I later learned to ADORE her) and my closest friends pretty much agreed with me. We stayed in the original troop while Mr Hartzell took the other one. Like I said he was a very good man and his troop had loads of fun. Of course in Jr High, there was no way we could acknowledge that fact. So we of course became "enemies" yeah that's the GS way. 

Our troop leader was Mrs Couron and she was amazing.. have I already said that? anyway on one of our weekend activities we had decided to go backpacking.. Of course it came up as an inside joke that we couldn't go backpacking cuz we were the girly girl troop. What would we know about backpacking? We won't mention that I had backpacked in the local mountains on numerous occasions.. BUT..  Anyway. we really got into a heated discussion about our toughness.. we were laughing and joking and making fun of ourselves. When one of my best friends and sister of my heart, Judy, who by the way is a gorgeous woman now but as a child and early teen she was gangly (and that is being nice) of course she showed me cuz she is absolutely beautiful and I am well, not *grins* Sheesh back on track again. Anyway Judy looked at us all and with a completely straight face said "I'm tough. I eat RAW poptarts!" Needless to say we were completely lost at that point and laughed hysterically.

Today I was eating my toasted poptarts and realized I was no longer tough, because I preferred my poptarts toasted. Of course I had to post it on my FB page.. And then it gets even funnier. One of my best friends on FB.. she was in the other troop. So Colleen, my cohort in crime and Trish our arch frenemy and I have had a great discussion on raw poptarts.. Seems Colleen is still quite tough!!

Anyway, that is why eating poptarts make me smile

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