Sunday, March 18, 2012

More Eagle Fun

My friend Nina, knowing how awed and amazed I was when she sent me the pictures of the Bald Eagles outside her home. Sent me this video..

Mama and Daddy watching over their babies as they emerge from the shell.. A powerful statement indeed.


  1. #2 hatched this morning. Yeah I am a sucker for wildlife; especially BEs. Now I can get back to reading again but I had to watch the hatchings. Next weekend will be Decorah hatching watch. I'm a total eagleholic! I know you could tell how eggscited I was. :D

    1. It's cool that you are into this, eggspecially since you share with me!!

    2. Well first we watched Mom and Dad go to sticksRus to build up the nest. Then we watched Mom become eggnant. Then "bowldozing" commenced to create bowl for laying of eggs so that either Mom could be a mombrella or dad a poptent incubating. Those are just a few terms created by many users in the new diction aerie . It is hilarious just watching some of the comments from various users who are extremely creative.