Wednesday, March 21, 2012

While I am not a Fan of the make a law way of life....

Israel’s skinny model ban: New law requires body mass index of 18.5 or a doctor’s note


 I was thrilled to read this.. It's not that I approve or agree with the make law way of life. To me that is such a cop out on parenting and personal accountability. I feel that people should be accountable for their actions be they the individuals or the parents of minor children. I am still quite happy to see that someone is getting a clue. Too skinny is just ugly.. 

Hair Boy is very skinny always has been and I have always worried about his health. BUT his father's family has several members of the extended family that are just way too thin. It's genetic! Fortunately as we age I have noticed that all of these people have actually become quite good looking and filled out nicely. None of them TRIED to be skinny they just are. 

This need to promote the extra skinny as sexy is just odd. I don't get it. When I was in my late 20's I read an article that said Marilyn Monroe was fat.. really? the epitome of sexy? Too fat? 

I grew up in Southern California a nice size 11/12 which in today's sizes would mean a 7/8.. I was told my entire life that I was fat.. Totally destroyed my self esteem. I remember having a slumber party and for some reason everyone wanted to wear the same color pants.. So we went through my closet.. I will never forget the astonishment I felt when I discovered that my pants were too tight on some of the "skinny" girls.. how could that be? They were the skinny girls and I was a "fat" girl and yet my clothes were too small for them..

When I moved to the midwest and started going out with friends I was astounded when I would go to bars and get hit on.. Suddenly, I was considered an attractive woman.. why is this? I was the same size in Illinois as I had been in California.. it was the perception.. Sadly that too skinny concept grew and being normal is considered fat.

Consider the modeling industry.. did you know that a lot of the plus size models are size 8's.. Seriously, that's the PLUS size? It bothers me that my girls have to live with this.. that society dictates how their body should look instead of what is best for them.. As a woman it is hard to live with.. I don't know many women who don't have some type of body issue problems..

So while I don't like the make a law concept I congratulate Israel for taking a stand


  1. I agree that models looking like they have been starving in years are not attractive. They simply don't look healthy. We can blame Twiggy for starting this modeling trend. A woman should have curves - Marily Monroe was, in my humble opinion, a perfect size.

  2. Coming from a mom of a teenager who is really thin naturally, I can tell you that it isn't any easier for her. Oh, if I can count the times that I've had to encourage her and tell her how beautiful she is after ADULTS have accused her of being anorexic. Seriously. I am sick of "well-meaning" teachers who would call me and ask if she has a problem. No, she doesn't--she is thin when the rest of our country is too fat. And yes, I wrote FAT. It's disgusting how fat the kids are now, with their tight shirts and too tight jeans with muffin-tops hanging over their belts.

    I think we have to have a happy medium. I think we, as women, have to stop judging each other and imposing what we view as "beauty" on each other. I like the Dove campaigns that show real, everyday women as beautiful.

    1. Perfectly stated Lin..

      When Word Girl was little she had the cutest little body.. it was this sturdy athletic form.. and I think she was less than 2 when my mom made a comment to me.. she wasn't even baby fat.. I was instantly drawn back to a childhood of constantly being told to loose weight.. I told her if she EVER mentioned my child's weight to her I would make sure she never spoke to her again. And this was a zero tolerance policy..

      I don't stand up to my mom often, so when I do EVERYONE takes notice..Of course I didn't say it for all of my kids.. and blond girl who has always been just darling.. went out to CA when she was 10 and had this little tummy, she was going through that gain weight before you grow stage.. and my mom insisted on buying her all "chunky" sized clothes... an entire wardrobe.. lovely thought but most were never even worn since by the time she went to wear them, she had grown and the belly had slimmed down.. to this day my mom and sister buy her clothes two to three sizes too big.. unless she is there to pick them out.

      So I understand how it goes both ways.. too fat, too skinny... why not teach our kids to eat healthy and exercise properly, then their bodies will be exactly what they were supposed to be...

  3. I've been petite since I was a child up to now. I only weigh 99 pounds. People call me "skinny" all the time.

    I don't get it either. If you're big, people call you fat. If you're petite, they'll call you skinny.

    1. Nita I have a very good friend who was crazy skinny growing up and I know it pained her immensely.. no one in Real Life looked at her and said oh isn't she lovely.. nope they saw a painfully thin child.. and it really bothers me that people are not taught to accept themselves for who they are and rejoice in having a healthy body..
      This need to be ultra thin reminds me of when women "had" to have pale white skin.. Along with never going out in the sun without full protection they would by mercury that would help them "pale" their skin.. just like excessive dieting it killed them.. but they looked good by society's standards..