Sunday, March 25, 2012

Innovative Online Book Tours

 As many of you know I blog.. and blog.. and... well you get the picture.. I currently have six blogs.. I blog like crazy on one then get bored and move to another.. then circle around until I am back at the beginning... Never really leaving any of them but sometimes taking a break..

When I started Bodice Rippers, Femme Fatales and Fantasy with two of my friends it was just for fun, another blog about something I love.. It's a great blog.. but I still needed more  I just needed another place to do my reviews so on January 1, 2012 I started Tea and Book.. originally I used it as a supplemental blog.. I promoted  BR and did my reviews, posted some POV posts that I couldn't do on BR.. because that spot had been taken by one of the others and she did a fabulous job.. 

Eventually I even included a friend in Tea and Book.. BEST Decision ever!! She went to Christine Feehan's Fan 2012 and before she was even on the plane home she had contacted me and told me we were starting a business!! She wanted to start an Online Book Tour site.. This venture is something that we completely compliment each other in.. She has a degree in Marketing and a no nonsense no fear attitude about approaching prospective bloggers and authors, I have 30 years in customer service behind me.. So together we can offer a site based completely on SERVICE.. that personal touch that so many people just forget about..

As the other two ladies at BR created their own site and  became less and less involved in BR before finally leaving to attend their site.. it was a perfect time to change the main theme of all the blogs to make them intertwine.. Tea and Book has become a site that talks about and promotes newer authors.. or even brand new ones.. As they grow we move them over to BR.. I just got an interview with Author Donna Grant for Tea and Book, then realized she no longer qualified as a New Author.. so I had to move her to BR.. that way we are completely circular.. Now that IO (Innovative Online Book Tours) has started.. we plan to act as their promoters and manage a blog team that we are creating, in order to review, interview and feature authors!! It is such an exciting time!!

If you are a blogger and are interested in joining our team.. have regular followers and enjoy book reviewing. No matter the genre.. go to our webiste and check us out.. We also have a company blogsite (IO Book Tours) that will offer advice and tips  on how to promote your blog and the author... If you are interested please fill out an application and we will get back to you with further information.. 

If  you are an author looking for a new way to promote your book, please come check us out, interested? Fill out an Author Application. We understand that you need to find the perfect fit to work with and as a service orientated company, we want to give you the best tour possible, with the least stress imaginable. We already have several authors ready to work with us!! Yes we are brand new but we have a love of reading and a lifetime of experience behind us..


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