Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Gracious Friend

I spent the day yesterday with a friend. We have been friends for about 12 years now.. well we started out as mom's to friends but she has played a huge part in Blond Girl's life but as often happens over the years she has become a very special person in the lives of my entire family. To the extent that on Christmas we had a blended family Christmas.. It was wonderful..

In day to day life, I often forget what a truly good person she is. Most of the time she is my friend and you know how it is, you take them for granted.. But yesterday I was struck by just how much I admire her.

She takes her 94yr old step father to the Doctor about once every 3 months or so. A while back she asked me to go along and help.. it worked out really well and I now go with her every time. It really helps her as she can drop us off at the building and I can help him to the office while she goes and parks. Since we are talking about Down Town Chicago this was a real challenge for her before.

While we were in the office, grandpa dropped his hat and gloves and Karen, just patiently picked them up, helped him adjust his bag, helped him put on his hat and gloves and get all comfortable. Now this might seem just mundane stuff but while I was watching it brought tears to my eyes.. it was just that poignant.. a simple moment in the life and yet a snapshot that showcased how very special Karen is.

I am so grateful blond girl and 5th child met.. their family has enriched mine beyond measure..


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