Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Nina's Eagles

My friend Nina has had the opportunity to observe a pair of nesting eagles, I am so jealous!! But she did share her pictures with me and I thought you all might enjoy them.

This nest now has 2 eggs (#1 laid 2/17 and #2 just last night) and if history repeats itself she will lay a third within the next couple of days. This pair's nest is 80 ft up in a cottonwood tree in Decorah Iowa. The first egg should hatch in or around the 23rd of March.



Dad Close Up

Mom's first Egg

Mom and Dad outside Office

Mom close up

Mom in Penthouse
 Are these gorgeous or what? Thank you so much Nina for sharing with me!!


  1. Gorgeous!! We live in an area near the Potomac River where the Eagles nest and it's this time of year when we see the most. They settle in the trees behind our house and when they fly over, you think a low flying plane just passed by. They are soooo huge and soooo beautiful. Thanks for sharing and tell Nina, thank you for taking such great pictures. : )

    1. Amy, I am so jealous of you on so many levels.. I want to move to that area.. plan on looking into it soon!

  2. LOL! Shauni, there's plenty of empty houses around thanks to the bad economy! You're more than welcome to any one of them. : )

  3. Oh my! That is absolutely breathtaking! I've only ever seen one eagle in the wild and it was flying, at a distance. This photos are so beautiful!