Thursday, February 9, 2012


OK I admit it, I am adicted to blogging! There I said it..

I started off three and a half years ago with just a thought.. I was already blogging for a group I was active with but that was different that was for well a group. This was going to be about me.. my thoughts, feelings, family, whatever.. It was fun but I soon realized that all I talked about was my kids.. so I decided to create a second blog and Juggling Teens was created.. I mean sure I still had the other group blog.. and well a second one as well but I figured what was one more. And if I had one just about the kids then I would be able to post different things to this one..

Next I had some bad times happen and I dropped my other two blogs so I was down to two.. np.. of course me being me.. that wasn't enough and I started Shauni's Dreams That Come.. what was supposed to be a poem a day..yeah that one was harder than I thought..

Something happened in my personal life and I sort of walked away from blogging for a while.. but then last October I got together with some friends and created Bodice Rippers, Femme Fatales and Fantasy.. oh what a rush.. but again things were happening in the back ground so I created Tea and Book as a supplementary blog to BR.. where I could post additional reviews without flooding BR.. then I thought.. I have been playing around for ages with the thought of having a blog that speaks of my faith.. so I figured why not? and Shauni's Faith was born.. and slowly I have been working on bringing Shauni's Dreams back to what I wanted. Haven't quite mastered a poem a day yet but I am getting better.

So, six blogs.. two require just sit down and type my thoughts for the day.. two require in depth soul searching and time spent in study and devotions and two..require me to read constantly.. in order to keep them up and running and interesting!!

Then when I am not blogging, working on my blogs or *grins* sleeping.. I have this need to go to other blogs.. visit them, comment on their stuff, offer my support.. So yeah blogging is an addicting thing!!

Come on admit it.. you are in a similar place..



  1. heheh, so am I. I started in 2003...but then I was an intermittent blogger, sometimes posting just once or twice a year. Then early last year, I became part of a group and now, I can't stop. From 1 blog to 6...3 of them active, meaning I post at 1-3x a week! and FYI, I can so relate to your blogs!