Friday, February 10, 2012

Seriously? What a way to wake up

I love reading about houses on the internet.. it's one of those guilty pleasures.. Most of them I look at and think NO WAY.. but I still love to read about them. Tiny houses, fancy pre fab houses, freaky houses, expensive houses.. the whole lot of them.. Today there was a post on houses w/unique features.. this one was way too cool.. See that slide? It comes straight from the Master Bedroom..

The average person spends more than a third of their time on earth sleeping, so bedrooms tend to factor into real estate purchases more than, say, game rooms and media centers. Still, some homeowners find ways to personalize their private chambers in some out-of-this-world ways, for better or for worse.

These extreme bedrooms pop up when the houses head to market, but might be a hinderance if the buyers aren't into velvet or chintz or Roman replicas.
Then again, if they offer a cool slide to a water wake up, they might help sell the place. Slip a closet door open in this British bedroom, commit to a trip down a dark tube, and, surprise!, find oneself in a stunning indoor swimming pool.

Sign me up!!

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