Monday, February 6, 2012

Queen Elizabeth II marks Accession Day

Today marks Queen Elizabeth II's 60th year in her reign.. WOW!!

Elizabeth is an inspiring woman, one who should be held up to us as girls and told.. look what she has done w/her life. Oh sure she inherited the throne but what she did w/it is pretty darn impressive.

As an American we are supposed to deny all things royal.. yeah who really does that? but it's hard not to respect a woman who has 400 plus engagements a year.. There aren't that many days in a year!! She has devoted herself to serving her country as best she can. With dignity and grace.. who doesn't think integrity when they hear her name?

Oh sure, in the Diana years we saw her flaws.. but seriously.. she was attempting to remain true to her duties, her country and yes her generation. She didn't have the luxury of running around demanding everyone feel sorry for her.. Sorry, all yes Diana had a rough life but lots of us do... we just don't get to whine about it in the international media AND we didn't get to be a Princess.. Back to the Queen.. yes she had some bad years.. but she weathered that. In the end how could her people NOT respect her?

Elizabeth has also been one of the lucky ones as she fell in love early.. and stayed in love.. She has a husband who, shoot gave up his name for her, while remaining a strong arm of support. I have read that they have shared a bed every day of their marriage.. I know tmi.. but it speaks to my romantic self..

Is she perfect? Heck no, she's human.. But there is absolutely no denying that she is a CLASS Act.. Congrats Your Royal Highness.. LONG LIVE THE QUEEN!!


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  1. Love reading about royalty, and particularly Her Majesty. Thanks for your post!