Monday, January 9, 2012


Back to one of my favorite topics, football *grins* to narrow it down even further Tim Tebow.. well not really just had to say good ole, Timmy's name.. The Broncos won today and it was an awesome sight. A really good game that I seriously thought they were gonna pull a "Bears" on us and loose at the last moment after having led 20-6 at the half.

What got me about today's game is the media.. now there's a shock I know.. but the Broncos won.. pure and simple.. instead of saying the Broncos won, it was the Broncos won but.... so and so was injured, so and so didn't play, maybe a bad call or two... always qualifying that the Broncos didn't really win on merit..

Here's the thing.. years ago, a US figure skater won the national championship.. One opponent had the flu and one had a sprained ankle going in and after she won she was asked. Did she feel her title was negated by these facts? Her response is what has stayed with me for close to three decades.. she said.. 

"That is the nature of competition. On any given day anyone could be sick or injured and today.. I was the best.. and today is all that matters" 

I can't remember who said it, I am not sure even when it was said, I only know it was sometime in the early 80's.. and yet the point remains the same.. 

Today the Broncos Won.. get over it newspeople..

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  1. Good points, Shauni. And what an exciting game it was!! Tim Tebow has proven himself and I believe he will be the starter next season. Did you know that he has a contract clause that paid him $250,000 for a playoff victory!?? I hope he and the Broncos further redeem themselves against the Patriots in the next playoff game.