Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A FANtastic Football Day!

WOW!! What a day for those who love college football.. Every game I watched went down to the wire, overtime and TRIPLE overtime.. for anyone who loves a good game and didn't see these you seriously missed it..

The Outback Bowl

I don't usually watch this game but I was waiting for the Rose Bowl to come on and I was bored so I tuned in. Boy was I glad I did! This game was so intense, so amazing and so absolutely wild I thought it was going to be the highlight of the day. Blond Girl and I were practically riveted to it. Although, I will admit I wanted her to change to the start of the Rose Bowl. She looked at me and said.. "Mom, seriously triple overtime and you want to change the freakin channel? What planet are you on?" a most valid question... I was so happy to see Michigan State win!! This was just an exciting validation to what is a wonderful program.

The Rose Bowl

What can I say? I was raised on this game.. it is the highllight of my new years.. aren't you supposed to sit around the tv eating black eyed peas and cornbread on New Year's day? *grins* I have been an Oregon fan for a few years now.. love their snazzy uniforms and their even snazzier playing. They have really amped up the USC league.. I mean the PAC 10 er 12... And again this game did not disappoint!! The game went right down to the wire ending sadly with poor clock planning.. but with Wisconsin just short of the win. Now I felt a little bad cuz I like Wisconsin.. it's really one of the few Big 10 teams that I like so I did feel bad for them but I was thrilled with Oregon.. it has been a long time coming.

The Fiesta Bowl

The only game I was upset about.. and it wasn't the game itself.. It was that poor Andrew's Luck ran out.. This poor young man with his amazing record lost on a field goal.. ok two missed field goals.. Stanford had a chance to win but missed the field goal and had to go into overtime.. where they again missed a field goal. Luck was perfect!! He literally played a prefect game with amazing numbers. Any other game, these numbers would have had him hoisting the trophy but instead.. he had to watch another do so. Don't feel too bad Andrew.. you will probably going to play for Peyton,, er I mean the Colts, and Peyton Manning never won a bowl game until the Super Bowl...

I know the Championship game between LSU and Alabama should be another good game but I feel it is going to be anti climactic.. how can you top this day of great games? Well if Alabama wins but seriously who thinks that?

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