Wednesday, January 25, 2012

FaceBook's New TimeLine

FaceBook has announced that starting this week they will be instigating the timeline for everyone. No longer is it user choice. Nope everyone who uses FB will eventually have this format. 

I don't really have a problem with it but it has been interesting reading the posts on it. It seems people are being recommended to clean up their posts. To make sure that things they posted back in the day when they only had say 5 friends, are managed, maybe even hidden. After all you don't want a boss or future employer to see you misbehaving..

I really don't have that problem.. why? Well my mother taught me one very pertinent fact of life.. Don't air your dirty laundry in public. That means if you are doing something that may somehow prove embarrasing to you or your family don't take pictures of it.. and if you do.. DON'T post it on Facebook for pete's sake.

Another thought.. for future employers great that you use social media to check into your perspective employees.. but the things someone did as a kid should not be held against them as an adult. Kids by nature are stupid.. they do stupid things.. I did.. and I was a pretty mild child.. but I still did things that I don't want people to know about now! That was me then, this is me now. Respect that. Of course I wasn't a teenager in the age of post it and print it.. no, I was allowed to make my mistakes in the relative privacy of friends and family. 

I am certainly not judging any individual who chooses to post their life online.. it's their choice.. shoot I blog about stuff that others would consider quite private.. It's my choice! But I don't post anything that I think will embarrass me later on. I consider that while I am posting.. *grins* now it might embarrass the kids but that's different

One last thing I would like to add, yes there will people who complain, who don't like it and who get mad at Facebook.. The way I see it you have three choices..

1. clean up your facebook page so nothing incriminating is posted
2. accept that facebook has every right to do what it wants with your page as it is facebook's property.. the page not the contents..
3. close your page.. delete it.. remove everything!!

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