Friday, January 27, 2012

Turn About is Fair Play

For years the liberal media has run amuck with their ability to brainwash the American public. Making sure to gleefully destroy as much as the conservative party as possible. Highlighting mistakes to extreme degree while burying the same when a liberal does it. They would at best mention it on page 6 then move on. But if a conservative did it they, with malice aforethought attacked and attacked and attacked.. until a simple error or mispeak became a death row crime.

Don't get me wrong I am not anti liberal, in fact I feel that we need a balance of liberal and conservative no one party should ever have so much control.. but because the media has forgotten it's place to REPORT the news and prefers to MAKE the news the balance is woefully to the left.

For the entire Bush term of office they insulted, insulted, insulted.. can you think of ONE good thing that was done during the Bush era? There was some excellent stuff to come out of it.. but we never saw it.. Or wait how about the Bush daughters.. when you hear them mentioned what do you think of? I know party going co-eds who dress inappropriately and spend all their spare times in bars.. did you know that both of them served in third world countries in some format or other? One was with the Peace Corps and one worked with another not for profit organization.. AND THEY DID IT WITHOUT PRESS.. they didn't do it for the press, because goodness knows they never got any, they did it because it was right..

NOW.. it seems President Obama has been disrespected.. and I actually agree.. but what did they expect after years and years of saying it's ok to disprespect the president? It's ok to denigrate and insult? It's ok to mock him, his wife, his family and his children? It's ok... well people are paying attention and they honestly believe that it's ok.. That we have the right to insult, demean and disrespect the man who leads us.. As my grandma used to say "garbage in, garbage out" if all you have been doing is feeding our brains with your garbage.. the garbage will eventually spew forth.

You want respect? Show respect.. if you think that THIS president should be respected then respect ALL of them!! After all we are taught respect.. we aren't born with it

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