Tuesday, January 24, 2012

All Roads Now Lead to the Superbowl

I know, the playoffs are over and I haven't written about football in a few weeks. There are reasons.. First off the incredible computer crash.. That sort of made blogging a wee bit difficult.. but secondly I was just irked..

Not one of my teams made it..

First off we had to have the memorial service for the Packers.. PITA Boy went into shock.. Considered burning all his Packer Gear thinks it may be cursed now.. *rolls eyes*

Then the Saints.. what the heck? I was so surprised but I will admit was thrilled to see the 49ers go to as far as they did.. California Girl that I am (so what if I live in Chicago.. born and raised in Southern California) I was glad to see the Niners back on top..

Now, for the AFC.. seriously? Poor Timmy was crushed but what did everyone expect.. Brady plays best when he plays with a chip on his shoulder.. and come into his town.. where he has lead the Patriots to how many Superbowls? Won How many? Has been named MVP How many times? And all the media could talk about was Timmy? Yeah Tom was gonna crush him.. *grins* I still like Timmy but the Broncos were really out classed.

I was sad to see Houston loose.. I would have liked to see them go farther but you know what? They did good!!

The Ravens? I don't really know much about them.. let's see, Michael Ohr from the Blind Side plays for them and Jim Harbough's brother, John is the coach.. but I did want them to make it to the Superbowl.. I really wanted to see the Harbough bowl.. *grins*

All things considered, I am happy to see Eli stepping out from behind Peyton's shadow.. and will look forward to the game..

My pick.. well The New York Football Giants are an awesome team and I think the better, more well rounded one... BUT never ever discount the Patriots..

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  1. I feel your pain (how's that for a Clinton-era saying?) I've been a Denver Broncos fan for years and was saddened to see them whipped in the playoffs. Oh, well.

    I'm pulling hard for the Giants, although I'd be perfectly happy if the Patriots won. I just hope it's a close, well-fought game.