Sunday, January 29, 2012

Blog Hop

So Last Friday I attempted to sign up for Friday Friends Blog Hop.. my computer was being wonky (yes that is the technical term) and refused to co operate with me. This totally irks me.. I mean aren't computers supposed to make our lives easier? Not cause more stress?

Did we really gain anything with the advent of the computer era or did we just trade one set of annoyances for another. Oh sure, we can and do connect with people all over the world. We allegedly have paperless offices and have mainstreamed our work force. BUT when our computers crash or we don't understand something we are held hostage. To a machine no less.

Back on track.. I signed up for this wonderful blog hop and then couldn't get it posted.. and I still managed to make One new friend , krystimare at Country Living Product Review.. is that cool or what? Oh yeah, all this because of computers.. guess in the end the stress caused by computers is way better than the alternative.. *grins* yeah I did have a point in there somewhere..


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