Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Back from Oblivion

This last week has been absolutely horrid for me.. I have been without a computer..

My story starts at Thanksgiving.. where my computer crashed with a particularly nasty virus.. Word Girl in an act of unexpected altruism offered to let me use hers until I got mine fixed. Her computer is pretty nifty, it was Christmas and I got busy.. so of course I didn't get mine fixed.. She was ok with it and was going to let me keep hers for a while.. UNTIL....

Last Monday, her computer got the exact same virus.. it was awful.. and let me tell you.. all of us were afraid.. very, very afraid... We devised ways to tell her.. like get the computer fixed before she got home and NOT tell her (didn't work out), tell her in the car with my friend, who was driving and taken me to pick her up (yeah, I didn't do that bad). So I told her once we got in the building.. uhmm BIG MISTAKE.. I got to listen to about 4 hours of crying and temper tantrums..

Word Girl: When were you going to tell me?

Me: Hello? Isn't it obvious? I am telling you now.. I obviously waited as LONG as POSSIBLE to tell you.. *shakes head* Sheesh

Word Girl: You break everything.. I am texting Hair Boy!!

Me: *rolling eyes and mock quivering*

The next day she was ok.. and on Saturday we checked w/Best Buy to see how long it was going to take.. which btw, it was forever... which lead to another wonderful conversation...

Word Girl: I knew you would break it..

Me: *just letting her rant*

Word Girl: You break everything...

Me: Finally fed up... You know.. I have had my laptop for THREE YEARS.. and this is the first virus.. you have had yours for less than two and this is your THIRD.. I know I didn't give it the first two.. But I am pretty sure I PAID for it to be repaired..

Word Girl: *Silence*

Now, even though I did not have a computer I did have responsibilities that I was trying to fulfill. Namely my other blogs.. on Bodice Rippers, Femme Fatales and Fantasy I was supposed to be hosting author Caris Roane.. fortunately I have some amazing partners and they did a lot of prep work.. but I tried to stay in contact.. Let me tell you this was a challenge..

I tried to use my phone for emails.. I was succesfull but that screen is really really tiny and it's not an iPhone so you can imagine how small the screen.. For actual blog access I was able to use my kindle.. NOT a Kindle Fire which was designed for web browsing.. no, regular old kindle.. You have to go into experimental then launch your browser then maybe if you are lucky you might get your page.. and if you do get it.. I guarantee it will freeze up.. you will be posting using a keyboard about the same size as the qwerty keyboard on your phone and you won't be able to access pictures, links or various other things.. and spellcheck? yeah not happening..

Honestly, half the time I felt I was communicating like this..

other times I was sure I was using his computer..

For sure I spent a lot of time doing this

But I really felt like doing this

But I have my lifeline back and all is well.. so for a while I will be doing this..

All in all it's great to be back!!

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