Saturday, January 7, 2012

Texas Teen Deported to Columbia Returned to States..

I was surfing the net and happened upon this story about a US citizen, a 14 year old girl that was mistakenly deported to Columbia. Everyone is pointing fingers, it's the ICE's fault, it's the Columbian Government's fault.. shoot it may just be President Obama's fault (and he wasn't even there) No where in this article say this child was at best a spoiled lying brat who caused everyone undue stress and at worst a troubled young lady.

Seems she ran away from home a year ago.. was going under various alibis and was arrested for theft. When arrested she told the police that her name was Tika Lanay Cortez, a Colombian woman born in 1990. The police ran the name and came up with the information that Ms Cortez was a Columbian National here illegally. The Colombian Consul, gave her papers, set her up in programs and got her a job in Columbia. Everyone did what they were supposed to do... well everyone except the girl, who was a runaway, a theif and oh yeah a liar.

Her family found her on a fluke, she posted something really odd on a facebook account she uses under yet another name.. The Columbian Government was informed and she was brought back into the United States.. The family claims, she looks 14 and she doesn't speak Spanish how could the officials confuse her for anything but a child? Hmmmm, have you seen some of those 14yr olds out there? And this was a street smart kid.. not some innocent ripped from her parents arms and sent Columbia. She lied, she schemed and guess what? Someone called her bluff.

Now I am sure we will soon be hearing about how this family sues the governments of both the US and Columbia.. I hope when that happens someone laughs in their face..


  1. And, who pays for this? I assume us, and not her parents...who apparently didn't know where she was...after all. She ran away, so do they still have the legal right to sue in her behalf? Interesting.

  2. Sounds to me like she got what she deserved. Should have left her lying butt there. One less idiot here in the states.

  3. yeah....I had no words to write.

    Unfortunately, our immigration system isn't fail proof from idiots like that teen.