Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Girl Scouts are Turning 100

I know the official birthday is not this month, but it is coming up on Cookie tiem.. and seriously when do we most think of Girl Scouts?

Wow!! 100 is that cool or what? An organization created and designed just for girls.. One that did not stay stagnant but evolved as women evolved and is still a rich, cultural organization. How cool is that? Girl Scouts unlike the Boy Scouts are rarely in the news.. you don't hear of political rumblings or them making statements..denying members or enforcing ideals.. the ideals of Girl Scouts has always been to provide an environment where today's girls (whenever today was) could learn new things, explore new ideas and meet new people.

I was so blessed with awesome girl scout leaders (ok I had one bad leader... and that was only cuz our personalities clashed and as an 8yr old I couldn't figure out why she hated me... I was of course the innocent victim.. part of me still believes this) I started in Brownies at 7, that was as young as you could be back then.. no daisies.. Mrs Armstrong was our leader and she was awesome.. she taught me about friendship and respect of an adult/child relationship that wasn't parental or teacher.. but a friendship. I met Lori Paris there and we are still friends to this day.. in 6th grade General P.. came into my life.. she was this amazing woman who was going to be the assistant leader and my mom was gonna be leader but  *grins* my mom conned her into being leader and what a great decision that was for me.. as my mom and I tended to butt heads.. well not really, she said, I did.. but I had more chances to become me with other leaders.. In Cadettes I had the Mr See yes a MAN leader.. boy was that a huge deal back in 1976.. Of course it had 52 girls and was an active, physical group.. not your mother's girls scout troop.. but he graduated when I was in 8th grade and I then got the single best leader and mentor and friend a girl could ask for Grace Russell!! OH MY GOSH!! This woman totally rocked!

I won't go crazy explaining her to you just let you know how very special she was to me.. of course I also got her daughter Colleen Couron Smith, as well. Colleen and I are friends to this day.. Mostly via facebook as she is off having adventures and I am here raising kids.. But Lori and Colleen were not my only friends from Girl Scouts, I was also blessed to share my time with Judy Biggs.. the best non sister a girl could have..

I didn't stop in Cadettes I went all the way through Seniors and racked up badges, awards, patches anything I could.. I loved it.. and one of the things I did was sell Girl Scout Cookies... people when those girls hit you up this year.. think of me, buy a box.. I never turn a girl scout down.. I always buy at least one box.. yeah I go broke but hey, the kids love it!!

As the year progresses I will talk more on Girl Scouts.. but for now..just think 100 years.. WOW

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