Friday, October 31, 2008

The Women Who Formed Me - The Couron Ladies

I had decided to pepper my blogs talking about the women who helped me become the woman I am today. Strong, independent, loyal, insane and not afraid to jump right in. Now I have several members of my family who should come before the Couron ladies but it is Halloween and one of my favorite memories is of the Couron house and a certain Halloween party.

Mrs Couron was my cadette girl scout leader and a sweeter, kinder, velvet glove kind of woman you have never met. She handled that group of about 30 junior high girls with grace, tolerance and just a bit of steel. She was the one who would push us when we needed to be pushed, taught us that we were a unit not a group of individuals and came down on us when we needed it. She was what one would call a girly girl, a mary kay rep back before it was quite the industry it is now, and yet she held this tomboys loyalty in the palm of her hand. Still does for that matter.

Colleen, now really Colleen deserves an entire blog of her own but tonight she is getting an honorable mention in this one. Colleen was my sidekick.. my partner in crime, the troublemaker (I was the good girl-yeah Colleen I know...). We ran that troop like any good general would and had a blast doing it. Colleen was a year younger than me in school and as any true member of the junior high social set knows.. the higher the grade the cooler the kid, so of course Colleen got a lot of cool points from her friends.. Years later she told me, whenever she was asked how we knew each other she would mutter, oh we go to this thing with my mom and hang out with some other people.. well face it back in the day girl scouts was not cool.

Now that is all well and good but why do they get the Halloween blog? Quite simply, the mummy.. A more spine tingling experience I have yet to have and as I sit here writing I laugh.. Our girl scout troop was having a party at the Couron house, now they lived in a gated community at the top of a rather nice hill, their yard once you passed the terrace declined swiftly. So we had it all planned. Towards the end of the evening I would tell a mummy story, one of those standard "One night long ago on the very land this house was built on stories" I was to enthrall those younger girls, captivate them.. then when I got to the word mummy, Colleen who was upstairs was to flick a light and her brother in law to be was to arise from below the terrace in all his mummy splendor and come after the girls. Giving them all a spectacular Halloween scare. The problem was, I was just a tad too good in the story department.. As planned I said the word mummy, as planned Colleen flicked the switch and up arose Steve in all his mummy finery.. over the fence onto the terrace he stalked.. Looking out the window appropriately afraid I stopped in mid sentence stuttered and valiantly tried to continue. Of course all of the girls turned to see what had me, their fearless leader so terrified.. and before I could say another word.. en mass they arose, screaming (as only girls can do) and ran for the stairs in fear of the mummy coming to attack them. Pushing me along with them I rode the wave caught up in the frenzy and laughing so hard I swear I am lucky I did not pee my pants.

And that is why the Couron ladies, Mrs Couron, Colleen and the wonderful big sis Bonnie (fiance of the mummy Steve) get this mention today.. I hope they are all living the lives they deserve

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