Wednesday, October 29, 2008

So I Have Been Tagged

Yesterday it happened. I was tagged, made me glow got me all excited (hey it was my first time on this site) now I admit I am easily impressed but this did make me feel good... so a big thanks to life on the verge.

The tag was 7 random things about me.

1. I enjoy quilting, while I am not able to do it as much as I used to I enjoy the process and creativity that comes from it.

2. I have been a registered girl scout since I was 7 years old (1972)

3. I spent 10 summers of my life at Camp Arbolado

4. I know more silly songs than anybody I know (now this may be in direct correlation of facts # 2&3)

5. I wanted to be a spy when I was in college

6. I went to private protestant High School by choice (go Heralds) because I had parents that encouraged me to find my own path not theirs

7. I moved to Illinois in 1984 with a suitcase, a box and a bike..

now here is where i am supposed to tag 7 others, I got all excited then I realized that including the one who tagged me I don't know 7 people here well enough to impose upon.. so for now I will leave the tag up to you.. feel free

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  1. great snap of the 1 st girl sheis nice looking young lady blessed be guy