Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Great Shoe Search

Can anyone explain to me why it is so hard for my children to find their shoes? Do shoes have that incredible power of self movement? Years and years of shoe searching has led me to believe that these critters are alive.

I am a tolerant mom, I don't spend hours nagging my children about putting their shoes in their closets (the most logical place for them) no I have made it deceptively easy for them. I placed a large basket by the front door. When they come in and take off their shoes (which they are going to do) instead of dropping them along the way to their rooms, a la Hansel and Gretel, drop them in the basket. That way they are both right there. No effort, no mad screaming five minutes before leaving that they can't find their shoes. No accusations of theft. Yes, dear I love this daily, hourly, minutely ritual so much I hide your shoes from you. I find it promotes the parent child bonding. And yet even this escapes them.

I am not sure how many times we have searched for that missing shoe. An alternate pair of shoes is never acceptable, they must have that one. Of course when they are asked the night before do you have everything ready and they say yes.. that really means, yeah sure mom, i am completely ready to wait until the last possible moment, rant and rave, decide I am not going, burst into tears and then wait for you to find them.

The question I am sure you are asking is why do I bother looking, let them suffer the consequences.... hello.. teenagers here.. do you really think I want them in the house for any extended length of time blaming me for why they cant go?

But seriously if on your daily wanders you see the one shoe in the middle of the road, wonder know more.. it belongs here,please feel free to send it home.


  1. We have the same problem with belts around here. There's 4 in the house that fit the kids, but they never put them away. So in the morning we get "She took the belt I was going to wear!!!" and so on. Good luck! Oh, and I saw a blue converse sneaker on I-635 in Dallas earlier, should I just pop it in the mail?

  2. I share your angst and your pride. Who would have thought it would be so tough when they were helpless little infants?

    I truly believe that this is the most difficult stage of mothering and I'm on a mission to unite!