Friday, October 24, 2008

Going NoWhere Fast

This year has been an extremely educational one to say the least. I lost my job and made a few less than stellar choices, ended up in a pretty bad place.. then somehow I managed to drag myself out of the funk. I found a few websites for fun and chat, then decided to start the entire blog thing.

It hasn't been easy each day feels like a debacle in the making and yet here I am. Alive and well.. even a few pounds thinner which is amazing considering I am one of those stuff your face when bored, depressed, happy, mad... types. My heart is lite for the first time in a long time and even the dulcet tones of my screaming banshees hasn't managed to throw me off for long.

So I take the next step in this mad adventure called life with more than a little excitement.. more than a little trepidation and more than a little fear.. but here I am going nowhere fast and liking it.


  1. Good luck with everything. We are all just trying to make it one day at a time anymore.

  2. oh step by step day by day is usually the perfect way.

    good choices bad choices stellar or not they have been made with the best of intention behind them.

    if we never make a bad choice in our lives we gonna lead boring dull unfulfilled ones and that is a bad choice in and of itself.

    good luck with your choices and daily meandering in life