Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Logic of Youth

There is little in this life that makes less sense than what a teenager considers logic. I realize we all at one time suffered from this dilemma fortunately for the world most of us grow out of it. With the exceptions of politicians and actors that is.

We are moving into performance season. My children all gifted musicians, ok they can all play an instrument, are active in several different band formats. Jazz band, mentor band, marching band, concert band, symphonic winds.. not all at once and not all together. Some will join one band or another will like it for a bit then move on as a new interest grows. Others stay in for as long as they can. But it is not the band that I am speaking of. It is the attire.

For concert appearances all of the above bands require the use of a tuxedo shirt. This shirt is worn to every concert and taken on every trip. Now that may sound like an abundance of uses but in all actuality it is really more like 10-15 times a year. In our household we currently have 7 tuxedo shirts, i have purchased many many more, and right now two are performing. Nice odds one would think. But alas in our house we tend to play where's the tuxedo shirt.

I have many times pointed out that once they have warn it, take it off and hang it up in the front closet. That will tell me it is dirty and needs to be washed and if for some reason it has not been washed it will at least be easy to locate. But my teenagers in their infinite wisdom have decreed that this is disgusting, hanging up dirty shirts (they wear them for maybe 2 hours at a time). No this they will not do.. they are not going to be seen in a dirty shirt. No, it is much better to take it off wad it up and toss it to the back of their closet. Then when they need it they can run around the house screaming because they can't find their shirt (see shoe blog and insert same routine here). Having finally found it, it is now wrinkled and dirty, ever so much more appropriate.

Eventually I will understand how their minds work.. i seriously can't wait to see how their children turn out. They can't be any crazier than mine


  1. Hi, it's Audrey from The Mom Blogs. My own daughter was in band when she was in high school. I was always amazed that their uniforms were only dry cleaned once during the entire season. We had so much fun at her competitions and performances.

  2. replace hanger in front closet with basket. teens don't hang anything. You'll still have a wadded up shirt, but at least you'll know where to find it!