Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Accepting I Have an Addictive Personality

They say acceptance is the first step to recovery... although I am not sure that I want to recover.

It seems to me that as in all things I have jumped in feet first to this blogging thing. I swear I could spend an eternity doing it, it is great to be able to find a place to put my words, my thoughts and my feelings. To rush into and vent.. whoo hoo! Of course, there are times I sit down at the computer and have nothing to say, for those of you who know me you can stop laughing now, but it is true. When sitting down to write a blog a feeling of self importance comes over me and I want to write a witty, articulate well thought out blog. Oh brother, the joy of blogging is to sit down and say what is on one's mind.

Now back to the addiction thing. Me being me, I could not just stick with one blog oh no!! I now have three, two here and one on a member site.. and that is not enough for me, as in all converts I have to try and convince my friends to all start blogging also.

And then there is that entire entrecard thing.. I am sure you have all noticed the blog of the day posted here, well that site is an opening to a vast world of bloggers who have wonderful and fascinating things to say. I am amazed by the vastness of the human experience, the adventures, the travels, the day to day lives that claim our hearts. There are some sites that so astound me that I will venture there day after day. There are blogs written by the elderly, telling the stories that weaved the fabric of their lives, the ones written by the young, telling the dreams that only the young can have.I can't help it I am drawn in.

And the moms who blog... tell me where were they when I was raising small children, when I had a story a day to tell? They all of such wonderful, hilarious day to day adventures. A true example of the human spirit, I mean who but a mom can think a story about changing diapers can be funny? and then manage to make the rest of us think so too?

As in all things I know I will level out, I will eventually manage to add the balance in my life that I need and blogging will become just another daily ritual but for now I am that kid in the candy store ready to gorge


  1. I have a very addictive personality too. Blogging and Entrecard is probably bad for us! lol Come over to my blog. I tagged you.

  2. ohhh there are addictions and then there are addictions. and reading all of your blogs are wonderful and uplifting.

    you soo know im resisting the blogging but keep trying lol sooner or later you'll pester me into it i bet!!

    have an awsome day.

  3. OMG, I so knew this was going to happen. I've been taken advantage of by an addict!!!!! *laughing* oh well, as in all things, we have such common joys that it couldn't be helped and I must admit, I do love a good blog session!!!