Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Should I Go or Should I Stay

Over the last year I discovered that my hair had turned a rather pretty pewter. Now I have been coloring my hair for so long that I can almost forget my natural color. Well it was a nice warm honey brown and for the past few years I have found the perfect hair product to keep it that color.. It even matches some of my pictures from my 20's. But then one day last year when I noticed how very pretty the grey was.. I couldn't believe it I got that fabulous pewter color.. I thought I was gonna get stuck with that ash grey that so many blondes end up with. Anyway back on tangent, today I wondered.. no matter how pretty it may look, I am still young and it ads to my age.

So now I am in a pickle.. should I die it, go back to that pretty flattering warm honey brown that I have used over the years or should I be daring and go for va va voom, a saucy redhead could be fun... I have great skin and coloring for red hair.. having always had the wonderful red highlights.

And the best part? It will probably annoy my daughter to no end.. decisions decisions


  1. I've done the red...I say go for it...check out all mine:


  2. ohhhh that great thing about hair coloring is you can get rid of it eventually

  3. I've been coloring my hair for years. I have no idea what the real color is.