Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tuba Girl

So my youngest plays the tuba.. well so does my oldest but that is an entirely different story. We all knew tuba players back in the day and I am sure the ones you knew were just as odd as the ones I knew. I should know I dated not one but two tuba players. I wonder what that says about me? Oh well back on track.

Now please understand as I tell you this story, my daughter is a clever intelligent girl with a wonderful thirsty mind.. but she is such a blond! One evening this fall after band practice she came home limping.. now being the fond and caring parent that I am I pretty much ignored it. She is after all a bit of a hypochondriac. The next morning upon waking I heard her asking her sister and brother where the trainer's office was? Listening to the squabbling that accompanied the question and answer I failed to even wonder why she would want to know. That night I was at a choir boosters meeting and upon walking out of the room I saw Rem, standing there waiting to go in for swing choir. Observant mother that I am, I noticed right off she was on crutches. Dumbfounded I asked her why she was on them. Seems she had pulled a ligament in her knee, it was swollen to almost twice the size of her other one!!

Now here's what happened.. I kid you not.

During Marching Band practice the previous evening she had been doing her routine, following all directions, behaving, in general just getting the work done. When suddenly a gust of wind came and lifted her sousaphone right off her shoulder, causing her to loose her balance and fall. Now I know as a parent I am supposed to show concern but really I get to be the proud parent of the first person in history to get a TUBA injury. How can any parent even remotely keep a straight face? Now don't get me wrong it was a real injury and took a few weeks to heal properly but every time i think of it i have to laugh. Remember I have two tuba players in house and dated two more.. one would think I had seen it all. Laffin maybe now I have.

Enjoy your day all

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