Thursday, October 23, 2008

Why is it?

So my son decided he would clean for me today. Wasn't that thoughtful, considerate.. downright amazing? No, he didn't even want anything, just decided to help out around here... I know what ever could I find to complain about in that sentence?

First off, where did my stuff go, oh not why is it not littering up my house, piles hither and yon? No, literally where did he put it. I may not put it away but it all has a place.. and yet i open cupboards, wander halls.. can't find a single thing. Now this is the child that keeps his room clean, just puts his socks on a shelf and his books in a sock drawer, so it will appear but goodness only knows where.

Second, if he is doing the cleaning, why is it that every step of the way does he ask me how to do it (with the exception of putting things where they go). Mom, how do i clean this, mom is this right? mom, i am gonna do it like this.. no mom, i really think I am right. It is too exhausting.. and I am not even doing the work. And I can't find my stuff.

God love kids with ADHD.

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  1. isnt it hard when the kids pitch in to help. You want them to and then they do it and in the end you almost regret the help. ADHD is hard. but i find its the case with all kids when the want to "help". its a good thing until you realize maybe its more time and effort to redo what was done. giggles great post thanks.