Wednesday, May 22, 2013

This stops TODAY

Take a good look.. This is my final fat picture.. OK sure there will be some more because I am not loosing the weight overnight, or over week or over month or even over year but this weight is GONE!!

I am starting a daily regime.. get up.. walk, small breakfast, prepare for day (including makeup) lunch, small snacks and last meal of the day by Five PM and it will be small, maybe a salad (a good tasty salad not a small bowl of lettuce) then end my day by an evening walk...

Sure there will be other things involved but this starts it.. I am tired of not being able to tie my fricken shoes..

Do you realize that by nature I do not have a round face? Nope it's more like an arrow, broad forehead then narrowing down to that chin..

At this moment I won't put my actual weight down.. BUT I will admit that I need to loose more of me than I need to keep!! My goal for now is 175 lbs.. scary isn't it?

Amazingly enough, the only weight related health issues I have at this time is bad knees.. But we all know that is going to change if I don't do something soon.. So here goes..

You will get a dailyish snipped of how I am doing and yes a weekly picture... and all, I am asking you to help hold me accountable. I know my friends the Evans' and my kids are good for some encouragement but words from you all will help as well..



  1. Yay! I began physical therapy for the low back, hip and leg pain. I could not stand the pain anymore. But it gives me great satisfaction to have my friend workout with me for her own needs.


  2. Okay! I will support you and encourage you! You can do it. You can. Just take it step by step and know that all those little steps will lead to miles down the road after some time. Lean on me when you need support--I'm here for ya, pally!

    1. you really are the best!! I went for my afternoon walk.. It wasn't that bad but I must have looked totally wiped out because my friend's daughter looked up at me and smiled then asked "do you need some water" LOL..