Monday, May 6, 2013

Taking it WAY Too Far

I admit it I am a Tebow Fan... this kid does what others can't he wins.. in rather unusual circumstances. It's not that he is that great of a football player it's that he LEADs.. team members have said of him that when he leads they pull something more out of themselves. He pushes those around him to do better.. 

I think the way the Jets treated him was abysmal from the signing right down to the way they released him the day AFTER the draft, making sure that all rosters were full and no one would want to take that second look at him. 

He is a class act whom I would love to have my children (all his peers) emulate.. That being said... I saw this headline today.

Tebow fans plea to President Obama in an effort to sign him with the Jaguars 

Seriously? This is what you think the president of the United States should spend his time on? Tebow has already made more money than some people make in a lifetime. If you are really that worried about helping someone get a job... shoot contact the president for me. But MY president has other issues to see to than seeing that one man gets a job playing a game! 


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