Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I am a schedules person.. One of those people who never met a spreadsheet she didn't like. Which is rather odd because I am one of those creative types.. I can easily get lost in the fantasy of my own mind.. Spend hours there.. 

Yes these two characteristics have caused me no end of troubles.. my nature is that of a free spirit and I have always needed an anchor to keep me grounded. When I loose that anchor I tend to flitter and float and loose all structure to my life.. Why does a free spirit need structure you ask??? Well honestly it's the only way to function in society. You know, pay bills, buy food... all that fun stuff. 

For years I have lived this half life. Letting the world set my structure and failing miserably at just about everything.. Well I did do a rather spectacular job in raising my kids, if I do say so myself, but the rest of life just sort of passed me by.. Why? well because I didn't create the structure I needed in my life.

With all of the changes going on right now in my life.. it is the perfect time to add that structure.. So today I wrote up a schedule.. Not a confining, insane by the book schedule but one that allows me to be me. Allows me to have my daily devotions, do my writing, reading, reviewing, exercise and yes still have plenty of time left during the day to be that free spirit..

I am sure I will stumble, I will falter, I will even fail at times but if the schedule is there.. I stand a chance of getting what I want, instead of taking the leavings of others. Instead of suffering through lecture after lecture from just about anyone with an opinion I can stand true to my dreams.. my secret hopes and what I want to do with my life. If I have structure and goals.. I can share those accomplishments with people instead of just sitting around singing I dreamed a dream.. There is so much more to the dream than just the dream part... 

My life has changed so much this past week, I am starting to wonder what will happen next? For the first time in a long time Life is looking oh so good!!


  1. I like schedules...I always have. While some people don't like the rigidity, I do. It helps me to allow for "me" time in my day, guilt free. I hope that your new schedule allows you a wee nap in the day. ;)

    1. Well I do have plenty of time to read and such.. so I am sure if needed a nap could be um.. scheduled in... I am just tickled pink that I have finally focused enough to do this