Wednesday, May 15, 2013

H&M Shows Model is Just That

I say enough attention has been given to Mr Jeffries at A&F.. Instead let's focus on H&M.. you know that magazine that always has beautiful women on the cover? Well they actually understand what real beauty is.. In May they Plus-size fashion model Jennie Runk model their new swimsuit line on their company homepage!! 

"Runk rose to prominence in early May when she was selected by clothing retailer H&M to model their new swimsuit line on the company homepage. For the campaign, the 24-year-old 5'10 beauty, who wears a dress size 14-16, traipsed on a beach wearing bikinis and one-piece swimsuits. The seemingly innocent photo series sent shockwaves around the Internet. First, H&M has a history of featuring toned models (Gisele is the company’s latest cover girl, replacing a bikini-clad Beyonce) so selecting Runk, of normal, healthy proportions, to model their new line was a refreshing departure. And second, unlike many companies who bury plus-size selections deep within their websites, H&M never once mentioned the word “plus-size” on the same page as the images of Runk (you have to click on the clothing samples to land in the plus-size section). The company message was clear: “Our model isn’t stick thin—so what?”*Yahoo Shine 

I say it's time to celebrate those who understand true beauty.. understand that each person is unique and stop advertising the bullies.. yep Mr Jeffries that means you!!

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