Friday, May 10, 2013

Boycot Abercrombe & Fitch

Have you seen this??? 

What an appalling statement. Why would anyone want to exclude shoppers.. then to proclaim that their store is only for the cool kids.. I WAS A COOL KID.. I was an athlete, a scholar, in the choir and welcome just about everywhere.. and guess what? I HAD BODY ISSUES.. 

I was told I was fat from as far back as I can remember. Oh I am fat now but I wasn't then. I had a 21" waste and hips.. those darn hips caused me plenty of problems, why? Because the stores didn't make products for hips. We weren't supposed to have them. I was raised in the Twiggy era and had a Marilyn Monroe body (ok, not the boobs but the rest) yep I had curves!! And because of idiots like this, I spent my formative years hating my body.. There was nothing wrong with my body.. it was healthy and fit... But I could never get it  to stringy. I lost so much weight once that when I was goofing with my friends and was rolling down hills, I BRUISED myself because with my hip bones.. and guess what I was still trying to loose weight...

People who make statements like this destroy self images.. they batter at a girls who are already over battered by what society says they should look like. When FINALLY people are wising up and standing up for what is a healthy body image. When countries are BANNING too thin models.. what an idiot.. 

My friend, author Sara Humphreys responded to this with a wonderful blog on the Huffington Post.. check it out by clicking HERE

I have never stepped foot in an A&F store and I never will.. I will also not shop in Hollister, RUEHL, and Gilly Hicks. which is owned by the same company... My kids already don't shop there.. and guess what I have cool kids.. ok, well adjusted kids.. who are well liked, good looking, some are thin and some are not.. but what they are is decent.. and secure in who they are. Consequently they don't need some idiot deciding that they will be cool if they wear clothes from his store. You want to be cool, create your own style and stay out of A&F



  1. I never could afford A & F so if when I went in the store it was only be for amusement. Thank God my son who could probably have fit all their clothes didn't' need these clothes to be cool or hip, He managed to attract friends like a bee to a flower. Also if he did acquired any of their clothes it would by the ways of Goodwill, rummage and garage sales or maybe handy downs from cousins in LA and not because they were cool only because their parents could afford to purchase them. Believe we didn't call them and say "Hey do you have any those cool clothes from A & F because my kids really need to be cool". NO!I live by a scripture that God clothes the lilies in fields and bird do not worry what to eat in the dead of winter. Clothes don't make a person, their personality make choices for their individuality.

    So I will never be amused anymore I will just walk by it right on to the next fashion place I find amusing.

    1. Exactly,
      personally I think the girl that wears mini skirts and combat boots and marching to her own style is way cooler than the kid that needs a store to define their style!!

      And I agree clothes don't make a person, their personality makes choices for their individuality.. and will take it one step further.. the clothes don't make a person "cool" a cool person (whatever that means) makes the clothes cool..

  2. If that's what "cool" is, then I'm happy being a dork. Thanks, but no thanks.

    1. I agree!! Can you believe anyone would actually say that? They also don't sell womens sizes XL or above..