Friday, May 17, 2013

Just a Bad Attitude!!

As I have stated previously, I write book reviews.. I write LOTS of book reviews.. for the most part in the Romance, PNR and YA genres.. I have my own format I use which yes is based on those essays we had to write as children. You know.. opening paragraph... information paragraphs... closing paragraph.. it helps me focus my thoughts. It also helps me write a positive review when I didn't like the book. I won't say hey it's a great book.. but I will point out positive aspects.. great story concept.. good character creating... excellent world building.. things like that.. 

I recently wrote TWO reviews for books written by author Jacquelyn Frank.. An author whose work I enjoy.. which you can read HERE if you are so inclined.

I don't think I write bad reviews and plenty of authors have agreed with me. Oh sure I will read another review of the same book and think wow..that was an awesome review but mine aren't bad.. I have also read some pretty bad reviews but that's ok, someone is daring to share their opinion and put their voice out there.. kudos to them.

I think one of the most amazing thing about doing my reviews is the awesome interaction I get with the writing community. The bloggers, the readers, the reviewers and yes the authors.. Aside from a favorite author commenting about how she didn't like the name of my blog Bodice Rippers, Femme Fatales and Fantasy (for which she gave a very good reason) and I listened then chose to keep it anyway because to me it is tongue in cheek and saucy.. I have never run across a real negative comment. Well until today.. I seriously doubt this comment was directed towards me but I was totally and completely offended for all reviewers..

I don't see myself reviewing anymore of her books.. Fortunately for me the last few books I did review were from NetGalley and NOT books I purchased..

Jacquelyn Frank
Taking the day off after writing a NIGHTWALKERS Guide. It's harder than you realize! Writing a guide without giving away elements of the story. Hmmm. And a pet peeve of mine is when people review my work and retell the damn story (usually badly) instead of letting readers discover it for themselves. A review should be about the style, the approach and the overall feel of the work. Not a freakin' 6th grade book report!
(kicks away soapbox) That is all! LOL.

and my response

Shaughnessey Steenburgen-Lill I agree with Sandra.. I try really hard to create a good review.. yes I share my opinion of the synopsis.. I also give my opinions of the book.. It is after all my opinion.. I don't share spoilers and honestly.. I am more than a little offended.. I work hard at giving a positive review even when I don't like a book and I admit sometimes that 6th grade book review format is the best one to use.. especially when a book isn't that good. I want to show a positive feedback.. I WON'T under any circumstances trash an author.. I feel if they have the guts to write a book then I can have the courtesy of giving an honest opinion without being harsh.. Sorry to go on but your attitude totally sucked and I was completely offended..

here is the comment I was agreeing with

Sandra: You may want to reconsider this status. I'm a little offended. Your readers are not professional reviewer who get paid for their opinion, and the fact that they read and review at all is plenty of reason to be happy, in my opinion. To compare their reviews to sixth grade book reports is a bit harsh, I think. 

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