Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Lightning Rider Tour

Sorry all, somehow this blog got listed as a stop on Jen Greyson's Lightning Rider Tour.. It shouldn't have been but what the heck.. I can promote here as well as there..


I’m a mama to two boys and wife to a rockstar of a guy. I write fantasy (new adult & middle grade) and university courses and try not to mix the two. My debut novel, Lightning Rider, comes out May 2013 from the house that launched 50 Shades of Grey (minus about 99% of the naughty). When I’m not in front of my computer in my office, I’m in front of my computer in the wilderness somewhere. My offensively non-green camper and accessorizing generators are in full-service from April to October. Otherwise, you can find me on my wakeboard or snowmobile, some days, sans computer. I’m also passionate about cramming disaster prep into busy mama lives. If there’s something you’d love to know, and I haven’t covered it yet,

don’t hesitate to drop me a line at: or



Heiress to a time-traveling dynasty, Evy Rivera is finally claiming her birthright as a lightning rider. Problem is, she’s forced to learn it alongside Constantine, a prickly, obstinate Roman warrior who constantly challenges her to be the woman he sees in her. Thrown back into ancient Spain, Evy must rely on guts and instinct to wield her lightning as a weapon and outsmart Ilif, her quasi-mentor who believes time traveling should be left to the Rivera men. During her training, Evy and Constantine battle the push-pull of their explosive relationship, aware the 2,000-year span between their lives is an unavoidable hurdle. Caught between a centuries-old battle rife with secrets, Evy must learn whom to trust before she risks everything and the wrong history repeats itself. When the heritage her parents have suppressed mingles with the past, Evy hopes to find answers . . . Is she rewriting the right history? And who is she becoming?  

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