Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Still Struggling.. but little things are happening

This is an embarrassing fact but until recently (today) I could not pick things up off the floor without bending my knees. In other words, just bending at the waist.. no go.. I had to bend my knees and sorta crouch in order to pick something up..

Today I went to pick up my shoes when I thought what the heck, let's see if I can do this. And sure enough I was able to bend over and pick it up. I was so excited. I have spent the entire day walking around..stopping and bending over to pick something up. Yeah, silly.. but still what a feeling.

That simple accomplishment put a new spark in my desire.. It's one of the cool things about loosing weight. The initial struggle is hard just to get up and walk is hard. Emotionally.. then something like this happens and I am excited all over again. And since I need to loose so much there will be plenty of occasions to celebrate!! 

Gotta go pick something up... 



  1. oh WOW! That is HUGE! And it is working those abdominal muscles every time you do that. Keep up the good work, Shauni!

    1. Thanks Lin!! Small triumphs are still triumphs