Monday, June 17, 2013

Playoffs, Playoffs, Playoffs

It was an eventful weekend in the playoffs.. The Blackhawks and Bruins played two games in one with an exciting triple overtime in game 1 with the Blackhawks winning. Sadly, the Bruins came back over the weekend and tied up the series, winning in OT as well.. No matter who wins this promises to be a fantastic series!!

The Spurs are one of my favorite teams in the NBA.. and the Heat are so NOT.. I love the Spurs because they are a TEAM.. they get that the individual does not matter as much as the team. Excellent coaching and stupendous leadership in the form of Tim Duncan has made this team a quiet winner. Tim easily stands with the greats of basketball but he never proclaims superstardom.. he just goes out there and gets the job done..

The Heat on the other hand represent all that is wrong with the NBA today.. it's me me me.. I am a superstar.. I don't need a TEAM.. Instead of being a team of individuals.. they are individuals that wear the same uniform and call themselves a team.. Oh sure LeBron on a good day can do what it takes an entire team of the Spurs to do.. but what happens when he has a bad day? Oh yeah the team crashes.. While the Spurs just slip in another player to step up and play.. 

I have long detested this form of "team" playing and I consistently blame Phil Jackson for introducing this format with the rise of Michael Jordan. And while there are those who claim that the Bulls went out and got a team for Michael, the proof is.. when he left the team tanked.. So what the team got was a cast of supporting players.. Sort of like when it went from being the Supremes to Diana Ross and the Supremes.. Basketball is not supposed to be about Divas it's supposed to be about a TEAM.. *stepping down from the soapbox* 

I am excited to watch the way both of these series end up.. Sure I am routing for the Hawks but if the Bruins win and the rest of the series is played out like the first two games... then I will be applauding the Bruins.. Because they will have earned that cup.. 

Now if the Spurs loose.. yeah nothing is gonna make me cheer the Heat.. go SPURS


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