Tuesday, June 9, 2015

It's Been Two Years and 85lbs

It's hard to believe that two years ago Mother's Day, I finally got fed up. I was tired of being fat! I made a decision and I meant it. 

Two years.. the scale says I have lost 85 lbs which actually puts me 19 lbs behind schedule as my goal is a pound a week.. Gonna have to step it up this year, I have a wedding next June. 

So.. two years.. My clothes tell me I have lost weight.. but sometimes I feel like nothing is happening. I thought check out some pictures taken around the same time of year.. actually all three in May really close to Mother's Day..

Yeah.. it shows. But I am still trudging on! This year's goal is actually 71 lbs, That will put me back on the average of a pound a week.. and will put me at 156 lbs lost.. and sadly, still not done. 

The pound a week thing can be discouraging if you look at it that way.. I mean it's only a pound. And in all honesty that's really not how I lost it. I would loose weight, then plateau out, then loose some more. 

But a pound a week is an excellent goal. Long term and healthy. You didn't take two weeks to gain that weight so don't plan on loosing it in two weeks. Or in my case, two years...  in 1990 I was still way over weight but I looked like this 

That's pretty much my next weight goal.. to look basically like that.. yeah it was 25 years ago so I am gonna have some huge differences but there's my goal for this year.. 

Oh and just a little side note.. The wedding I am attending?? It is for that beautiful baby boy in the picture!

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