Saturday, May 9, 2015

Shame on Us

Last winter in France there was a huge uproar when several employees were shot and killed at the Charlie Hebdo location. There were marches against terrorism, outcry from the media, even the liberal left was outraged that President Obama wasn't there. Charlie Hebdo printed slanderous and insulting caricatures of Muslims. It was offensive material but they didn't deserve to die for it and the world reacted. Fought hard for free speech.. 

Fast forward a couple of months...

In Texas there was a "Draw Mohammed" contest and two people were shot and 1 killed by the same people involved in the Charlie Hebdo shooting. Was the work offensive? Yes, did people deserve to die over it? No!!

And to make things worse? Our media, our politicians are rushing to blame the victims. The very people who stood firm in the Charlie Hebdo case. The people who represent the country that created Free Speech. The leaders of the Country that used to be the Leader of the Free World. 

Why are we not crying out in outrage? Why are we allowing this woman who organized this to be attacked? Was she right, no it was offensive but that shouldn't matter. The KKK has the right to march, Wesboro Baptist has the right to demonstrate. People are legally allowed to walk on the flag. These are all offensive but allowed by the right of Free Speech. Our first amendment rights. 

We, as a nation should be ashamed. Especially those who are appalled by the behavior of the media and government. Why do we remain silent as our rights are stripped? Why do we remain silent as our country shatters? 

Why is France, the country we dared to mock, leading us on what is right and how to stand for what they believe in? Why has France become the leader in Free Speech? All I have to say on that is Viva Le France!

It's time to shut up on political correctness. Be decent, accept others for who they are and be kind to one another. We don't need Political Correctness. Why do we accept it? It's POLITICAL.. it's not decent or proper or right. 

So America, Shame on Us! 


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